[FLYER] Who is Bernie Sanders? What does he fight for? What’s Bernie’s status? How to vote & get involved? (#feelthebern #Bernie2016)

Who is Bernie Sanders?

  • He is running against Hillary to be the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States.
  • He was at MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech & was arrested demonstrating against segregation in ‘63
  • He supported gay rights & equality since the ‘70s.
  • His campaign is a political revolution asking us all to help campaign & vote for our wealth & justice.
  • Vermont’s Independent Congressman for 25 years & the #1 most-liked Senator with 83% favorability

What does he fight for?

  • Create jobs and raise the minimum wage to $15/hr
  • Make healthcare a right instead of a costly privilege
  • Make public universities free & end student debt
  • Lead the planet in progress against climate change
  • End private prisons & fix the criminal justice system
  • Strength through diplomacy; avoid unnecessary wars
  • A fair & humane immigration policy; end vulnerability
  • End child & veteran homelessness, hunger, & poverty
  • Expand Social Security to afford food, rent, & medicine
  • End cowardly, unfair voting laws & gerrymandering
  • Keep the internet open & neutral, not owned for profit
  • Protect our privacy & prevent unwarranted surveillance
  • Decriminalize marijuana & allow national medical use
  • Increase police accountability & demilitarize police force
  • Break up the big banks & prosecute their criminal fraud
  • Reform the Fed & stop it from giving trillions to banks
  • Defend the cleanliness of our air, water, soil, & food
  • Determine community needs w/neighborhood meetings

…What’s Bernie’s status?

  • Bernie’s campaign doesn’t take ‘dark money’ from corporations or SuperPACs & has received over 1.3 million donations from over 800,000 individuals.
  • Bernie has seen 400,000+ people at his rallies.
  • The media & corporations want Hillary; she takes money from Wall Street, drug companies, private prisons, & had opposed gay marriage until 2013.
  • Bernie polls better than Hillary vs. the Republicans.

How to vote & get involved

  • Watch & share Bernie’s epic speeches on YouTube, especially the one about socialism at Georgetown.
  • A successful political revolution needs volunteers, courage, & time. Visit bernie.to/work to sign up.
  • There is little time left until Texas’ Primary election on March 1, 2016. Iowa’s is Feb. 1. The deadline to register in TX is Jan 31. Visit voteforbernie.org.
  • You can only vote in one Primary election. You can’t vote for both who you want to be the Republican nominee & the Democratic nominee. Pick Bernie.
  • If you live in Travis County, you can text ‘Register’ to 48683 – a voter registration card will be mailed to you. Re-register as many times as you need.
  • Visit feelthebern.org to learn where Bernie stands on over 50 issues & help by printing some flyers!

This was created & paid for by grassroots volunteers with no official relation to Bernie Sanders’ campaign (Bernie 2016) or berniesanders.com

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